Authored by Tim Wisseman for AutoTroll 

AutoScore is the scoring system used to evaluate the military strength of each race in VGA Planets games hosted by AutoTroll. AutoScore is a very simplified scoring system that is easily understandable so that each AutoTroll User can evaluate his and other's AutoScores without having to muttle through a milliion different parameters and/or adjustments. AutoScore was written by Tim Wisseman (creator of VGA Planets) exclusively for use by AutoTroll.

The regular VGA Planets Scoring System that players see in the game itself has long been considered more of an informational statistics board and has not been considered a true and accurate evaluation of a race's true military might. Therefore, AutoScore was developed to fill this need and for use by AutoTroll.

AutoScore Scoring System:

AutoScore takes each item to be added to the race's AutoScore and breaks it down by each items' cost of construction, both Minerals and Money. Then AutoScore awards 1 point for each Credit and 5 points for each Mineral used in its construction. These Points are totaled together for each item of military strength in the race's empire to total that race's total AutoScore. That's it!

The following Military items are the items that are scored towards each race's AutoScore:

Some Insight into AutoScore.

(for the truely curious).

Underlying theory of AutoScore.As surely you have noticed, AutoScore has assigned no value to such things as Factories, Mines, unused minerals, Starbase Techs, Freighters, etc... The theory behind this is simple. AutoScore values are concerned with the military might of each race, not how they achieved this might. If a race wishes to become powerful, they will build an economy capable of producing a warfleet because their warfleet is their power. Therefore all races will build freighters, tech their starbases, mine their planets and so on. But how they then use these freighters, teched starbases, mines, factories and so on can only be measured by what they are able to produce, A WARFLEET. This is the, quite basic, Basis of AutoScore.

Other interesting points to note:


VGA Planets (tm) ASCORE [ Version 3.00 ]
Copyright (c) 1997 by Tim Wisseman
All rights reserved


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