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Races Open: Closed Status: Completed Turn: 80 Next Host: -- at 11:55 PM
Turns In: ___x_______ Schedule: _M_W_F_ Last Hosted: 11/29/2007 12:02 AM
Description: Standard Echo Cluster with Starbase  Plus add on.  Player names and  Races to play will drawn randomly  from two cups by the host. Ends  on Game Turn 80
Race Player Turn Status
(1) The Solar Federation Pax Missing
(2) The Lizard Alliance Deckroid Missing
(3) The Empire of the Birds Petrock Missing
(4) The Fascist Empire Dead
(5) The Privateer Bands Starbuck Missing
(6) The Cyborg caesarsandy Missing
(7) The Crystal Confederation Protoford Missing
(8) The Evil Empire CaverBob Missing
(9) The Robotic Imperium SpaceChick Missing
(10) The Rebel Confederation Avalan Missing
(11) The Missing Colonies of Man MR J Missing


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