ProtoHost Site Rules

1.    Have a good time.

2.    Every player must have their own e-mail address.

3.    Every player is encouraged to use passwords to protect his TRN and RST
       files from accidents of the e-mail kind.

4.    Host does not play.  (There may be exceptions, however, everyone will know in advance)

5.    Miss turns without prior notification, and you may be dropped from the
       game and a replacement will be found!

6.    Please return your TRN files asap. The faster any problems are corrected with them,
       the sooner that the host program can be run for your game.

7.    Please limit yourself to 1 race in any given game.

8.    Treat others as you would want them to treat you

9.    Do not harass any player via email

10.    Cheating will not be tolerated!


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